21.M. South Florida
Call me Logan.



DRUGS by Bryan Lewis Saunders.

Each self portrait is drawn under the influence of different drugs taken daily. Within weeks of this experiment he became lethargic and suffered mild brain damage. He continues to work on this series but with much more time between doses.

Literally the best thing someone has said about me in a long time. 


But like you’ve molded yourself into this person that people can look up to. You have traits I wish I could even begin to attempt to have myself but to you it just comes naturally. Like you had made the feeling of being. Being so confident or wise or happy or strong or independent.
I had to work to get all of that. But you just are.

Who is down to hang out?

Anonymous asked
What are you trying to change about yourself?

Work on my ambition and priorities. 

I’ll figure something out.